Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity I 3 ml

Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity I 3 ml

Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity I 3 ml

Product Name: Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity I

Strength: 1 x 3 ml

Manufacturer: Teoxane ®
Origin: Europe

Product ID. 4709 / SKU.4709

Teosyal PureSense Redensity One 3 ml ® Description

The glow on your skin is one of the most important aspects of healthy skin. It is the responsibility and indeed desire of everyone to have skin that is glowing and oozing with health and beauty. This is often not the case due to natural causes such as aging and harsh weather. The good news is that you can be able to recover your skin’s lost glory by simply undertaking a therapy of Teosyal PureSense Redensity One 3 ml ®. This product contains a number of elements that are meant to revitalize your skin.

It contains a high volume of hyaluronic acid that plays a big role in ensuring that your skin is always moisturized. Once this is done, the added moisture will naturally give way to a certain level of glow that cannot be otherwise achieved. In addition to this, it restores the skin’s anti-oxidant properties and reinforces the dermis.

Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity I also contains not one but two essential minerals plus a vitamin. These are not only compatible with the acid but are crucial for the maintenance of healthy skin. They are formulated using natural products and interact with the skin without causing any undesired side effects.

Features of Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity I

  • It contains 15mg/ml of hyaluronic acid
  • There are a suit of injection techniques that can be used depending on the thickness of the skin and the nature of the area to be corrected.
  • Each therapy consists of about 2-3 procedures that can be done within months off one other.
  • It has been manufactured up to the highest pharmaceutical standards for maximum results.

Benefits of Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity I

What make this dermal filler very popular among different kinds of people is the benefits that are associated with it:

  • Smoothness both fine and thick lines thereby resulting in soft skin texture
  • Eliminates skin discolorations as well as dark spots and returns the skin back to its original color
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Strengthens the dermis thereby making the skin firmer and looking younger.

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