Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity II

Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity II

Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity II

Product Name: Teosyal ® PureSense Redensity II

Strength: 2 x 1 ml

Manufacturer: Teoxane ®
Origin: Europe

Product ID. 2062 / SKU.2062

Teosyal Puresense Redensity II ® Description

Your face is an asset. It is the very first thing that people see when they look at you and is very important in the formulation of impressions. It is important to put your best face forward at all times. Some of the things that can prevent you from doing these are the bags below the eyes and the furrow between the eyes. However, you can be able to eliminate these features that make you look angry or tired by making use of Teosyal Puresense Redensity II ®, which has a number of useful components.

One of the chief ingredients in the filler is Puresense Redensity II, a non-animal form of the hyaluronic acid. This substance works like magic. Once it is injected under the skin, it leads to the coalescing of water molecules around the point of entry. If this is near the eye bags and furrow, it eventually gets rid of the wrinkles and folds.

This dermal filler is also packed with an antioxidant complex. This is one of the most essential things for the maintenance of healthy skin. It acts by effectively getting rid of free radicals in the body and improving the moisture content along the way. This makes your skin not only have and more even skin tone, but also make it more supple and attractive.

Features of Teosyal ® Redensity II

The filler contains essential minerals such as copper, zinc, and numerous vitamins such as B6 that are crucial for healthy skin. Also, it contains one gram of hyaluronic acid for every 15 mm of the gel. Besides, it is entirely made using natural and hypo-allergic substances, and infused with a complex of 8 amino acids that revitalizes your skin.


Like any other drug, Teosyal ® Redensity II has some side effects that may become profound in certain categories of people mentioned below who should avoid using it:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Those with coagulation disorders
  • Those allergic to hyaluronic acid
  • One with skin infections
  • Those suffering from febrile disease

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