Teosyal ® Global Action

Product Name: Teosyal ® Global Action

Strength: 2 x 1 ml

Manufacturer: Teoxane ®
Origin: Europe

Product ID. 3657 / SKU.3657

Teosyal Global Action ® Description

Teosyal Global Action ® is developed and designed in Switzerland. It is ideal for much deeper facial wrinkles. If the patient is older and facial wrinkles are deep then Teosyal ® Global Action is the best solution for them. It contains monophasic hyaluronic acid additions. These produce positive results immediately. In water, it is able to absorb almost 1000 X of its own weight and it keeps the skin elastic. After the treatment, patients don’t experience much hypersensitivity, thanks to new technology, which reduces bacterial endotoxins.

Features of Teosyal ® Global Action

If you have ever wondered why some people have different wrinkles, as some have deeper wrinkles, some have less noticeable wrinkles, it is because there are many deciding factors. For example, smokers usually have deeper wrinkles. There are certain types of wrinkles that do not matter how old you are, if you’re a heavy smoker then you will likely have deeper wrinkles. Teosyal ® Global Action is one of the best solutions for deep wrinkles.

Benefits of Teosyal ® Global Action

Teosyal ® Global Action is customized in the way that it can easily be tailored to individual patients. It suits the face perfectly and results in a convincingly natural look. It is almost impossible to notice that it’s the result of a dermal filler injection.

Duration of the Effect of Teosyal ® Global Action

Usually, the deeper wrinkles are, the deeper the injection is performed, and the longer the results remain. In the case of Teosyal ® Global Action, the results double, due to its quality and immediate, long-lasting results.

Side Effects of Teosyal ® Global Action

Side-effects are experienced either immediately after, or soon after the procedure. The patient may feel swelling, redness and discomfort.

The patient may also feel slight pain in the area of the injection, but it typically only lasts a week or less. However, if the patient feels too much discomfort, or if the side-effects last longer than a few days, then the patient needs to immediately visit their physician.

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