Surgiderm ® 30XP
Surgiderm 30XP
Surgiderm 30XP is a hyaluronic acid gel.
Surgiderm 30XP

Product Name: Surgiderm ® 30XP

Strength: 2 x 0.8 mL

Manufacturer: Allergan ®

Origin: Europe

Product ID. 1727 / SKU.1727

Surgiderm 30XP ® Description

What can users look forward to from the Surgiderm 30XP ®? This dermal filler has been manufactured through a very vigorous process to ensure safety, quality and hygiene. It is a perfect remedy for all the early signs of aging like wrinkles, spots, and decreased face volume and skin depressions.

The Surgiderm ® 30XP hyaluronic acid gel should be applied to the inner dermis of the skin with the thin, sterile needle provided. The needle is made thin so as to minimize the pain and to ensure the proper usage of the product. The right application is important for the desired results to be achieved. The procedure takes a maximum of twenty minutes. The patient is required to stay indoors for the next ten days after treatment so as to increase chances of getting optimal results.

Features of Surgiderm ® 30XP

  • Surgiderm ® 30XP cannot be used alongside other skin treatments in the same session. One cannot, therefore, have laser skin treatment and still use this dermal filler. It is also not advisable for use by pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body. It is broken down fast during metabolism. When its levels in the body drop, the volume of the skin cells and hydration of the skin reduces. By injecting this gel, you boost the levels of the acid and help maintain the skin volume.
  • The application procedure is non-surgical. The filler has some ingredients to ensure there is minimal pain during application. This is essential to allow proper application and to guarantee great results.


Benefits of Surgiderm ® 30XP

The ingredients used in the manufacture of Surgiderm ® 30XP all occur naturally in the organism. Therefore, the filler does not cause allergic reactions. This dermal filler is efficient in rejuvenating the facial skin so as to have a hydrated skin. The shape of the face is also enhanced enough to reduce the aging signs.

Side Effects of Surgiderm ® 30XP

In rare cases, some side-effects like redness, bruising and swelling that may occur. These will, however, disappear with time.

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