Stylage ® XXL 1 x 2.2 ml

Product Name: Stylage ® XXL

Strength: 1 x 2,2 ml

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Vivacy ®
Origin: Europe

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Stylage XXL 1 x 2 2 ml ® Description

One of the first signs of aging are wrinkles, lines, traces, and lost volume of the cheeks, jaw, etc. Stylage XXL 1 x 2 2 ml ® Lidocaine can help you solve these issues, appearing fresh and young again. Stylage ® XXL is a dermal filler designed specifically for restoring large amounts of volume for the face. This filler is the most volumizing dermal filler from the Stylage ® product line. It is ideal for increasing the volume of the cheekbones and cheeks. Stylage ® XXL is an easy and effective way for restoring the full volume of your face.

Features of Stylage ® XXL

Stylage ® XXL consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and mannitol. The injection is done into the subcutaneous tissue. It is recommended to use 21G1/2, 21G50, 27G1/2, or 25G40 needles for the injection.

Benefits of Stylage ® XXL

Stylage ® XXL has many benefits, such as:

– Returning the facial contours

– Restoring the lost facial volume

– Enlargement of the cheekbone area

– Treatment of mild and severe facial ptosis

Duration of the Effect of Stylage ® XXL

According to clinical studies, the average duration of the dermal filler results range from 6 to 9 months. However, the duration of the effects depend upon the age of the patient, his/her lifestyle, and of course the correct application of the product by the physician. Preserving beauty requires constant care, especially when it comes to the skin. So, after the injection, the skin may still need attentive care, which includes touch up sessions. If the patient wants to have effects lasting longer than one year, a touch up session will be helpful.

Side Effects of Stylage ® XXL

There are usually very few side-effects. Patients may feel redness, swelling, pain, or itching. But, they will take only a few days, not much more. In the case of continuing side-effects that last more than a few days, contact your doctor immediately. It’s not recommended to use makeup until 12 hours after the injection.

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