Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist

Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist

Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist

Product Name: Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist
Strength: 150 mL
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Vivacy ®
Origin: Europe

Product ID. 11204 / SKU.11204

Stylage Skin Pro Le Mist ® Description

French Laboratories Vivacy ® has introduced a new skin care products range: Stylage ® Skin Pro. The exclusive VivaSome ® complex, which presents in all the Stylage Skin Pro creams helps to nourish and revitalize the skin, and to stimulate its natural recover activity and moisturize it whilst providing a high level anti-ageing protection. Stylage Skin Pro Le Mist ® can be used after a Stylage ® dermal fillers injections. It will provide a positive long lasting effects.

Features of Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist

Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist is a refreshing skin care water spray. It is safe, bacteriologically sterile and pure. The key ingredient of this product is 100% Eau de Treignac (Correze Natural Mineral Water), which due to its special blend and small mineral content, ensures soothing therapeutic effects. Eau de Treignac is a vital soothing and calming therapy for irritated, intolerant, sensitive and hypersensitive skin.

Benefits of Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist

Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist is a rich cream that soothes, moisturizes, refreshes and protects the skin. Here are the main benefits of Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist: it helps to – maintain the skin’s correct moisture balance, softness and suppleness via intense hydration; stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin; provide effective and long-lasting protection; restore protective barrier function of the skin. Also, it has an anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Use Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist

You can use Stylage ® Skin Pro Le Mist at any time after surgical and / or aesthetic treatment procedures, sports activities, makeup removal, hair removal, shaving and sunburn. Also it is good in cases of irritation, redness and helps re-hydrate skin in dry and / or heated spaces.

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