SkinCeuticals ® Serum 10

SkinCeuticals ® Serum 10

SkinCeuticals ® Serum 10

Product Name: Serum 10
Strength: 30 ml
Manufacturer: SkinCeuticals ®
Origin: USA

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SkinCeuticals Serum 10 ® Description

SkinCeuticals Serum 10 ® is an antioxidant serum for environmental protection. Very few people realize how much our skin and lips suffer from air pollution and other environmental factors. It’s hard even to imagine what our skin goes through every day: stress, shock, polluted air, everything. In order to stay beautiful, and have fresh, relaxed and youthful skin and lips, one needs to take care of them on daily basis.

SkinCeuticals ® Sérum 10 is the best solution for healing sensitive skin. It’s an antioxidant serum for environmental protection. It’s a serum specifically designed for protecting and recovering sensitive skin types and conditions. It neutralizes free radicals, reduces damages and the aging process. Sérum 10 has a formula of AOX+ advanced technology. It contains 10% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and 0.2% Ferulic acid. As it contains Vitamin C, it’s normal that after opening it can change its colour, but even in that case it’s still fully functional and effective.

Features of SkinCeuticals ® Serum 10

There have been many clinical studies done on this product’s effectiveness. It has proven to perfectly handle the task of protecting the skin from environmental damage. Primary functions of SkinCeuticals ® Serum 10 are the following:

– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Neutralizes free radicals
– Fights against environmental damage
– When the serum is absorbed into the skin, it’s no longer removable
– It stays effective for almost 72 hours, making the skin look fresh and natural
– Perfect for sensitive skin

Benefits of SkinCeuticals ® Serum 10

As soon as SkinCeuticals ® Sérum 10 is applied to your skin, it immediately begins the healing process. Here are just a few benefits out of all that it delivers:

– It’s cleansing and toning
– Preventing with Serum 10 AOX+
– Correcting
– Moisturizing
– Perfect for sensitive skin

How to Use SkinCeuticals ® Serum 10

As with most beauty products, SkinCeuticals ® Sérum 10 needs to be applied properly and consistently in order to achieve an effective result.

It should be used daily using the following instructions:

1. Apply once a day in the morning
2. Cleanse and dry your face first
3. Apply 4-5 drops of the product to the face, neck and chest


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