SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E 15 ml

SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E 15 ml

SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E 15 ml

Product Name: Resveratrol B E

Strength: 15 ml

Manufacturer: SkinCeuticals ®

Origin: USA

Product ID. 9558 / SKU.9558

SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E 15 ml ® Description

Nowadays, SkinCeuticals ® charters a new antioxidant which targets the obvious signs of aging. Aging is a complex process caused by free radicals, generated every day by the above mentioned factors. SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E 15 ml ® is a true anti-oxidant product, as it boosts internal antioxidant defenses. The special combination of ingredients of this product ensures most favorable antioxidant efficiency to prevent environmental damage and signs of aging.

Features of SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E

SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E is a unique product, which has 3 main ingredients. First, 1% Resveratrol which extracted from the knotweed plant helps to neutralize internal free radicals and strengthen the skin’s antioxidant system. Second, 0.5% Baicalin – a flavonoid extracted from the roots of Baical Skullcap, promotes skin’s natural ability repair. Third, 1% Alpha Tocopherol which strengthens skin to fight against damages and freshens skin’s lipids, and neutralizes free radicals.

Benefits of SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E

You will immediately feel the difference in your skin quality, after using SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E. Let’s see some of the benefits of this product:

– Reveals elasticity, density, firmness and radiance
– Neutralizes free radicals and refill lipids
– Strengthens the skin to fight against the damages.
– Reduces the visible signs of aging
– Promotes the skin’s natural ability to repair

How to Use SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E

As the most beauty products, SkinCeuticals ® Resveratrol B E needs to be applied properly and consistently in order to be able to achieve an effective result. The product should be applied in the evening to the cleansed skin. Apply 1 or 2 pumps to the dry face. It is recommended to use Resveratrol B E in combination with SkinCeuticals ® corrective products.

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