SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating B5 55 ml

SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating B5 55 ml

SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating B5 55 ml

Product Name: Hydrating B5
Strength: 55 ml
Manufacturer: SkinCeuticals ®
Origin: USA

Product ID. 4130 / SKU.4130

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 55 ml ® Description

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 55 ml ® is a moisturizing regenerating gel with vitamin B5 for all types of skin. This fluid moisturizer contains very high concentration of sodium hyaluronate, the only form of hyaluronic acid used by dermatologists in cosmetic procedures such as fillers. Additionally, its ultra clean formula rich with vitamin E moisturizes the skin and fills it with nutrients necessary to maintain beauty and health. Hydrating B5 suits all kinds of skin

Features of SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating B5

SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating Gel B5 contains unique set of natural factor of moisturizing (NMF) skin to recover its optimal level of moisture and making the skin healthy and shiny. Hydrating Gel B5 is perfect to address the concerns of aging skin and is intended for mature skin, acne-prone, sensitive, combination, dry and oily types of skin. It is especially recommended to use with vitamin C treatments.

Benefits of SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating B5

SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating Gel B5 keeps the optimal level of moisturizing of the skin. First, it is eliminates the feeling of skin tightness, second, it activates skin regeneration and renewal process, and third it actively moisturizes and increases skin elasticity level. What is more important, by using Hydrating Gel B5 you skin will become more healthy and glowing.

Side Effects of SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating B5

One of the ingredients of Hydrating B5 Gel, preservative phenoxyethanol, can be a source of irritation for sensitive skin. Please consult with doctor if you have concerns regarding using this product.

Other effects may include tight feeling in the skin and stinging during application, which usually disappear in a few hours. If you notice unusual symptoms while using this product, consult with your skin specialist.

How to Use SkinCeuticals ® Hydrating B5

The application area of this wonderful product is decollate, neck, checks and face. In order to achieve due effect, it is recommended to use Gel once or twice daily. Apply 2-3 drops to the treated areas, avoid eye area.

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Please take into consideration that this information serves solely as a guide and reference. For more professional consultation please contact nearest SkinCeutical ® specialist.

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