SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner 480 ml

SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner 480 ml

SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner 480 ml

Product Name: Equalizing Toner
Strength: 480 ml
Manufacturer: SkinCeuticals ®
Origin: USA

Product ID. 4093 / SKU.4093

SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner 480 ml ® Description

SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner 480 ml ® supports skin protective pH mantle balancing, refreshing and restoring.  Most noteworthy is that Toner is designed to take away impurities in the skin and to peel dead skin cells off. Thanks to its wonderful formula which uses aloe vera to diminish redness which appear due to breakouts and AHA acids.

Features of SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner

SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner is intended for combination, oily skin and acne-prone skin. It is oil and fragrance free and contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Equalizing Toner key ingredient is 2% of Alpha Hydroxy Acids which peels dead skin cells and is perfect for large pores, acne and hyperpigmentation. It is a perfect solution for dark spot correctness, whole botanical extracts such as witch hazel, rosemary, aloe and chamomile calm and smooth down the skin. Chamomile extract stimulates circulation, which, consequently, speeds up healing and minimizes scarring.

Benefits of SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner

Equalizing Toner cleans the pores and is free of acne-causing bacteria. It will not over dry skin or leave behind a greasy residue, therefore, it is ideal to balance and restore skin`s pH to achieve clean and fresh skin.  Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, Toner will minimize the number of large pores soothing and calming at the same time. The product is extremely convenient and easy-to-use spray.  Finally, Toner will work quickly and cleanly for a radiant, non-greasy finish.

Side Effects of SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner

No side effects have been registered for this product.

How to Use SkinCeuticals ® Equalizing Toner

Equalizing Toner is usually used after cleansing procedure. It is used twice per day, in the morning and in evening. Spray Toner on cotton ball and apply over face, neck and chest, it absorbs quickly into the skin while really toning and hydrating it. For better effect, you may follow with moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning.  Avoid direct contact with eyes.

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