SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector

SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector

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SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector

Product Name: Advanced Pigment Corrector
Strength: 30 ml
Manufacturer: SkinCeuticals ®
Origin: USA

Product ID. 4010 / SKU.4010

SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector ® Description

It is no a secret that when our skin stays under sun exposure for a while, there are many skin damage risks. One of the most common of those damages is discoloration. Skin discoloration is a problem for many people, and there may be other factors affecting discoloration, such as hormonal shifts, or simply aging. Causes may be different, but there is one simple solution for discoloration: SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector ®. The product is mainly designed for reducing the discoloration of the skin and evening skin tone.

Features of SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector

There have been many clinical studies done for this product’s effectiveness. It has proven to perfectly handle the task of evening the skin, improving the discolored portions, and boosting the skin’s radiance. The primary functions of SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector are:

– Cleans the discoloration
– Evens the skin tone
– Boosts skin’s brightening

There are three key ingredients in SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector. It contains 0.3% salicylic acid, 1% hydroxy phenoxy propionic acid, 0.5% ellagic acid. All of this ingredients are highly effective for reducing skin discoloration. The combination makes this product one of the most result-oriented creams available.

Benefits of SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector

When SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector is applied to your skin, it immediately begins the healing process of your skin. Here are just a few benefits that SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector delivers: cleansing, preventing, correcting, moisturizing; perfect for every type of skin; paraben-free and non-comedogenic.

How to Use SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector

SkinCeuticals ® Advanced Pigment Corrector should be applied as follows:

1. Apply twice a day
2. Take one or two pumps of the product
3. Apply it to the dry or discolored part of the skin
4. When applied in the morning, an antioxidant serum and sunscreen should be applied beforehand.

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