Silhouette Soft ® 8 Cones

Silhouette Soft ® 8 Cones

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Silhouette Soft ® 8 Cones

Product Name: Silhouette Soft ® 8 Cones

Packaging: 8 bidirectional 30 cm polylactic acid (PLA) cones with 2 needles (23G) of 12 cm each

Manufacturer: Silhouette Soft ®

Origin: USA

Product ID. 3679 / SKU.3679

Silhouette Soft 8 Cones ® Description

Silhouette Soft 8 Cones ® is in the form of absorbable bi-directional cones.  Its development was based on six years of use Silhouette Lift ® in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The suture tensioning son silhouette in facial rejuvenation. This is the newest and most innovative facial tissue suspension device available for facelift procedures, designed by Dr. Nicanor Isse Los Angeles, one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world. This is a small procedure using the new son of suspension Silhouette Suture ®, they represent a real technological revolution over the old notched son.

Features of Silhouette Soft ® 8 Cones

Indeed, the very fine son will serve up sagging facial tissues with small absorbable cones that can cling to deep tissue and perform a very important traction on loose tissues. Of course, this does not replace the traditional facelift, but is for younger patients who wish to correct the nasolabial fold, the share marionette lines both sides of the mouth and facial contours and jowls. This is for the patient(s) looking for real improvement in the collapse of their face without resorting to facelift. It is very simple and is performed under local anesthesia.

Benefits of Silhouette Soft ® 8 Cones

The 2 cm incision is each side in the hair above the ears, invisible after surgery. Through this incision, inserting the son (usually 4 per side) in the temporal part using a long needle and then passing in the middle of the face. Then pulling the son to the temporal area, the cones are anchored on soft tissues that must be addressed. Having turned the tissues at the desired height, the sutures are set in the deep temporal tissue.

No dressing, and little or no swelling, so that the patient is presentable very quickly in the following days. This is a simple procedure, without anesthesia, with minimal scar 2cm hidden in the hair, giving a major rejuvenation of the average 1/3 and the oval face.

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