Restylane ®

Product Name: Restylane ®

Strength: 1 x 1 mL

Manufacturer: Galderma ® Laboratories

Origin: Europe

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Restylane ® Description

Restylane ® is an absolute leader among dermal fillers used to remove wrinkles and smile lines, correction of lips and face contours. Important advantage of Restylane ® its long-term duration– the effect is maintained during 6 months minimal. Restylane ® is a bio gel with 2% hyaluronic acid. When introduced into face skin, the gel particles accumulated water molecules creating volume and, thus, making the skin smoother. It is especially relevant to be used for forehead, nasal bridge, lips and lateral edge of the eye.

Features of Restylane ®

It is a safe dermal filler which is developed specifically for cosmetology needs. Hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin (although natural) completely excludes the risk of allergies. It is perfectly harmonized with organic tissues, due to which no inflammations and edemas occur in the injection zone. Product line contains the following products:

– Restylane® – base filler to eliminate mid depth wrinkles and lines

– Restylane® Perlane™ – heavy texture gel for correction of heavy wrinkles, smile and frown lines, and face contours.

– Restylane® SubQ™ –  product for correction of cheek-bones and chin

– Resylane® Lips™ – filler to plump lips and correction of their contour

– Restylane® Touch – easy version of filler for correction of small wrinkles

– Restyline® Vital™ and Restylane® Vital Light™ – for bio-revitalization

– Restylane® Lip Volume and Restylane® Lip Refresh – new generation of fillers for lips that are developed considering increased muscle activity in this zone

Benefits of Restylane ®

Filler effect is visible immediately after injection, while final result may assess in a week. There is no rehabilitation period, however, it is recommended to avoid sun rays, physical impact and cosmetics, as well as intensive physical exercises. The duration of action is from 6 to 8 months (depending on individual features).

How to Use Restylane ®

Injections of dermal filler are usually painful; therefore, anesthetic cream is used.  Despite general safety, injections should be done only by professional doctor or cosmetologist. To achieve best effect, it is vital to define the place for injections correctly. Marking the face and selecting necessary dosage, the specialist starts to do the injections. Depending on the number of zones, the procedure may take from several minutes to half an hour.

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