Restylane ® Volyme ™ (Emervel ® Volume)

Restylane ® Volyme ™ (Emervel ® Volume)

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Restylane ® Volyme ™ (Emervel ® Volume)

Product Name: Restylane ® Volyme ™ (Emervel ® Volume)

Strength: 1 x 2 mL

Manufacturer: Galderma ® Laboratories

Origin: Europe

Product ID. 4746 / SKU.4746

Restylane Volyme ®™ Description

Restylane Volyme ®™ is a softer filler. It is designed for high-volume lifting and perfectly moderates wrinkles and the range of lines on the face. All of the areas that have lost volume on the face Restylane ® Volyme ™ can perfectly treat. It is best for giving volume to cheekbones, cheeks and the areas around chin. Restylane ® Volyme ™ contains lidocaine, which helps to reduce pain during and after the injection.

Features of Restylane ® Volyme ™

Restylane ® Volyme ™ treatment is extremely quick! It takes only a few minutes. If you have a free hour within your lunch break, it’s perfectly fine, because the treatment only takes 20 to 40 minutes. Patient studies show that after the treatment patients tend to trust the filler and always come back again. It also has a high rate of recommendation, as most of the patients recommend to others Restylane ® Volyme ™ for these kind of treatments.

Benefits of Restylane ® Volyme ™

  • It is a non-surgical method of reconstructing the face
  • It’s perfect for all skin types
  • Right after the treatment the results are obvious, you don’t have to wait long until you can seeing the results.

Duration of the Effect of Restylane ® Volyme ™

Patient studies have shown that the effect duration lasts between 6 to 12 months, before the next injection is required. Preserving beauty requires constant care, especially when it comes to the skin. So, after the injection, the skin may still need attentive care, including touch up sessions. If patient wants to have a longer effect then a year later a touch up session will be helpful. But, if the patient desires to have another injection, at least 6 months need to pass after the previous one.

Side Effects of Restylane ® Volyme ™

There are usually very few side-effects. Patients may feel redness, swelling, pain, or itching. But, they will take only a few days, not much more. In the case of continuing side-effects that last more than a few days, contact your doctor immediately. It’s not recommended to use makeup 12 hours after the injection.

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