Perfectha ® Complement
Perfectha Complement is the best solution for solving wrinkles.

Product Name: Perfectha ® Complement

Strength: 1 x 0,8 mL

Manufacturer: Sinclair Pharma ®

Origin: Europe

Product ID. 3335 / SKU.3335

Perfectha Complement ® Description

Age, stress, and sun exposure make our skin more sensitive every day, resulting in visible traces on our skin. Traces happen when the skin can no longer renew itself, becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. Fine lines and wrinkles become noticeable. As time goes on, many people feel that their face does not reflect their personality anymore, due to wrinkles. Perfectha Complement ® is the best solution for solving wrinkles. Complement reduces wrinkles and restores the volume of the face. Perfectha ® Complement is the 5th type of formulation that is injected into superficial dermis. This dermal filler is typically used for thinner skins that lost their elasticity. After the actual transformation, the gel attracts the water and fills the skin with an amazing effect. The filler gives patients a natural look and resolves all the problems they were experiencing with their wrinkles.

Features of Perfectha ® Complement

Perfectha ® Compliment is a unique element of the Perfectha ® Line, that gives a solution for problematic areas of the face without any surgical interventions. It is ideal for general rejuvenation treatment, hydration, and facial skin density. The elasticity of the gel is the key for having the freshest look that one can dream of.

Benefits of Perfectha ® Complement

The most obvious benefit of Perfectha ® Complement is that it instantly gives you natural and fresh look. Besides those, the product also moisturizes the skin from within. Furthermore, after the treatment, the skin becomes more hydrated, radiant and firmer.

Duration of the Effect of Perfectha ® Complement

The average duration of the filler is from four to six months. But, as usual, the duration is very much based on patient’s skin, age, lifestyle, etc. If the patient is relatively younger, goes to gym, eats healthy food, then of course the effects of the treatment will last much longer.

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