Mesopeel ® phenTCA

Product Name: Mesopeel ® phenTCA
Strength: 30 ml

Manufacturer: Mesoestetic ®
Origin: Spain

Product ID. 9668 / SKU.9668

Mesopeel phenTCA ® Description

Mesopeel phenTCA ® is a medium to deep self-neutralizing peel indicated for treatment of acne scars and severe aging.

Features of Mesopeel ® phenTCA

Mesopeel ® phenTCA contains 20% trichloroacetic acid and 10% phenol.

TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is a chemoexfoliant that provokes kerato coagulation, which leads to the appearance of white “frost”, and simulates skin proteins. This peel enhances skin’s qualities, and stimulate fibroblasts activity.

Phenol is carbolic acid, which helps to denature the proteins, stimulates synthesis of collagen, boosts up elasticity, and renew the skin regeneration.

Benefits of Mesopeel ® phenTCA

Treatment procedure of Mesopeel ® phenTCA peel takes from 30 to 45 minutes. This does not require a recovery period and you may resume your normal life immediately after the treatment. Mesopeel ® phenTCA is suitable for skin that has already been prepared with superficial peels. This peel helps to get rid of deep wrinkles, deep acne scars, hyperkeratosis, dyschromia and pigmented lesions, advanced photo-aging, lack of skin density, senilis and solar lentigos, severe stage IV aging, melasma and striae.

Duration of the Effect of Mesopeel ® phenTCA

A one session is recommended with 2 week rest periods. The initial treatment period and duration of results differ for each patient. If you want to get a long-lasting result, a maintenance sessions are recommended. Not more than 2 procedures per year.

Side Effects of Mesopeel ® phenTCA

Mesopeel ® phenTCA has a medium level of side-effects. It cause some discomfort or itching. But, they will take only a few days, not much more. In the case of intense side-effects, terminate procedure immediately.

How to Use Mesopeel ® phenTCA

Peel should be applied on cleansed and dry skin. Use 5 ml of peeling and gently apply it with a brush. Leave it for 3 minutes maximum. Avoid eyes area.

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