Mesopeel ® Azelan

Product Name: Mesopeel ® Azelan
Strength: 50 ml

Manufacturer: Mesoestetic ®
Origin: Spain

Product ID. 9661 / SKU.9661

Mesopeel Azelan ® Description

Mesopeel Azelan ® is a superficial peel with nominal downtime and consists of azelaic acid and salicylic acid. It peels off the skin from dead cells and stimulates cells metabolism. It is perfect for quick and vital enhancement in the appearance of hyperpigmentation and acne.  Mesopeel ® Azelan helps to make the skin smoother, softer and more radiant. Thanks to it, pores and scars will become less perceptible.

Features of Mesopeel ® Azelan

Mesopeel ® Azelan is designed for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and acne. This peel rejuvenates and smoothes skin, and it is one of the best products in treating epidermal hyperpigmentation and acne. It also indicated to treat face, neck, and chest. Mesopeel ® Azelan peel is ideal for all skin types.

Benefits of Mesopeel ® Azelan

There are many benefits that Mesopeel ® Azelan delivers. One of the most obvious benefits is the short duration of the treatment process. It takes about 30 minutes and it is practically painless. This procedure does not require allergy tests and recovery period. You can resume your routine life immediately after the treatment. Azelan reduces pores, pigmentation and superficial scars. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and oily or acne prone skin. Because of it, skin texture will become more refined, healthy and youthful.

Duration of the Effect of Mesopeel ® Azelan

The initial treatment period and duration of results differ for each patient. If you want to get a long-lasting result, a touch up session will be helpful.

Side Effects of Mesopeel ® Azelan

Because of its nature, Mesopeel ® Azelan can be injected in various body type, with very low side-effects. In some cases you may experience some redness or itching. But, it will take only a 3 – 5 days, not more. In the case of continuing negative effects, which last more than a few days, contact the physician.

How to Use Mesopeel ® Azelan

For optimum results, Mesopeel ® Azelan peel should be used every two weeks over 12 week period.

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