Mesohyal ® X-DNA

Product Name: Mesohyal ® X-DNA
Strength: 5 x 3 ml

Manufacturer: Mesoestetic ®
Origin: Spain

Product ID. 4901 / SKU.4901

Mesohyal X-DNA ® Description

People may notice that their skin is losing elasticity and moisture. Mesohyal X-DNA ® is a new solution from the mesohyal ® line, which stimulates the regeneration of the skin. The product contains a combination of polymerized deoxyribonucleotide sodium low based on hyaluronic acid (HP sodium DNA).

Features of Mesohyal ® X-DNA

Mesohyal ® X-DNA is a bio-revitalization product specifically designed for face and body. The content of the product ensures strong moisturizing and antioxidant action. It also stimulates collagen synthesis by activating cell metabolism, and protects the cell membrane from the effects of free radicals.

Benefits of Mesohyal ® X-DNA

There are many benefits that Mesohyal ® X-DNA delivers. The most obvious benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Skin tissue repair & rejuvenation
  • Correction of fine wrinkles
  • Intensive moisturizing of the superficial dermis and epidermis
  • Prevention of aging

Duration of the Effect of Mesohyal ® X-DNA

Mesohyal ® X-DNA does provide instantaneous and long-lasting rejuvenating effects, but unfortunately nothing stops the human aging process. But, we can take good care of our skin to offset the effects of aging. This means that after the procedure, regular care and treatments are required for maintaining the results of the initial treatment. Treatment periods vary based on the effectiveness of the results. The post-treatment period may include touch up sessions. If a patient wants to have a longer lasting effect, for more than a year, a touch up session will be helpful.

Side Effects of Mesohyal ® X-DNA

Despite the fact that the effect of the product immediate and prolonged, every 6 months, the patient should undergo a course, consisting of 1 or 2 treatments. Depending on the results obtained, the time period mentioned above, can be extended or reduced.

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