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Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream

Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream

Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream

Product Name: Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream

Strength: 50 ml

Manufacturer: Mesoestetic ®

Origin: Europe

Product ID. 10296 / SKU.10296

Mesoestetic Ultimate Wplus Whitening Cream ® Description

Mesoestetic Ultimate Wplus Whitening Cream ® is a cream with whitening effect which helps to reduce dark spots and to smooth out skin’s tone whereas strengthening luminosity.

The aging, sun damage, environment, genetic and nutrition may cause the changes that lead to discoloration. Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ product line is a special care, which helps to prevent and to reduce the appearance of spots and to provide a deep hydration. All products from Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ line have an antioxidant properties, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, even skin tone, and slow down skin aging. Thus, promoting softness and brightness to the skin.

Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W + product range delivers triple effect:

  1. Whitening and radiance:suppress enzymes engaged in the synthesis of melanin, whilst stimulating cell regeneration and removing increased melanin.
  1. Anti-aging and moisturizing: encourages natural barrier of the skin, decreasing pore size and diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Prevention and protection: strong antioxidant that defends from environmental pollution and UV rays.

Features of Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream

The major active substances that Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream contains in its composition are: Ascorbly Glucoside (vitamin C form) with antioxidant, anti-age and whitening properties, and Lepidium sativum (Garden cress) – powerful phytochemicals that impedes binding of an x-MSH to its receptor, thereby decreasing the appearance of dark spots and promoting whitening effect.

Benefits of Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream

Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream provides the following benefits:

  • Unifies the skin tone
  • Protects the skin from the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, expression lines and blemishes
  • Makes the appearance of the skin more bright and radiant

How to Use Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream

Apply Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream on the clean and dry skin.

For better results, it is recommended to use Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Cream with Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Toning Lotion and / or Mesoestetic ® Ultimate W+ Whitening Foam.

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