Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream

Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream

Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream

Product Name: Collagen 360 Intensive Cream

Strength: 50 ml

Manufacturer: Mesoestetic ®

Origin: Europe

Product ID. 10290 / SKU.10290

Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Intensive Cream ® Description

Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Intensive Cream ® is intensive cream that intended for an everyday treatment. It designed to prevent collagen degradation, to restore elasticity, and to prevent appearance of the signs of aging.

Features of Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream

The key active ingredients of Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream are ascorbic acid, enriched marine collagen and Retinol.

Here is what they do for treatment: Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) vitamin C provides an antioxidant effect, improves the nature of the ECM (extracellular matrix), and stimulates collagen production. Also it necessary for the growth and repair of tissues. Retinol (Vitamin A) renews cells, unifies the complexion, and enhances the synthesis of new collagen. It also promotes new blood vessels, fades age spots, reduces wrinkles. Enriched marine collagen is 100% marine and help to promote collagen production by fibroblasts. Also, it enhances skin softness and elasticity. It is fully compatible with the skin cells and is a good for the all types of skins. Marine collagen provides nutrition and moisture to the skin.

Benefits of Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream

Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream reduces wrinkles and lines, activates production of the collagen, combines ascorbic acid and retinol to control the enzyme degradation, and repairs damaged skin tissues. Also, Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream stimulates skin regeneration and cells renewal, and enhances skin firmness and thickness.

How to Use Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream

Apply Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º Intensive Cream every day in the morning and evening to cleansed and dry skin. It should be applied with gentle movements until completely absorbed on the face and neck. Avoid contact with the eyes.

During the treatment, it is recommended to use with other products of Mesoestetic ® Collagen 360º range.

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