Juvederm ® Volbella ™

Product Name: Juvederm ® Volbella ™

Strength: 2 x 1 mL

Manufacturer: Allergan ®

Origin: Europe

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Juvederm Volbella ®™ Description

It is the desire of everyone to have a perfect face that is not only attractive but also looks healthy. However, this is often not the case due to flaws such as wrinkles, folds and injuries. You do not have to be stressed about this though. This is because a dermal filler such as Juvederm Volbella ®™ comes packed with a number of components that can assist you in getting the face you desire.

Juvederm ® Volbella ™, this is a modern formulation that remodels hyaluronic acid and the homogeneous gel comes with increased volume and density. The filler has passed various clinical trials and has proven to be very effective.

Features of Juvederm ® Volbella ™

The major component is hyaluronic acid. This is one of the most effective substances for restoring skin to its youthful nature. It causes water molecules to coalesce around it in whichever part of the body that it is injected. This has the effect of making the area more voluminous and clearing wrinkles.

Juvederm ® Volbella ™ has been manufactured with the injection experience in mind to make it as painless as possible. This is what informs the incorporation of lidocaine in the complex. This substance has the effect of minimizing the pain that is associated with injecting the gel and thus making it stress free. Finally, the filler contains phosphate buffer which is essential for regulating the drug once it is in your system. This ensures that it has the effects that it is meant to thereby leading to maximum results.

Benefits of Juvederm ® Volbella ™

  • The injection involves two syringes containing 1ml each
  • It has undergone clinical tests that have proven its effectiveness
  • The dermal filler is a completely homogeneous gel that yields no residues under the skin
  • It has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (15mg/g) which makes it less hydrophilic and thus absorbs only a limited amount of water from the surrounding tissue.
  • It is essential for the smooth skin and giving it a uniform texture.

How to Use Juvederm ® Volbella ™

The Juvederm ® Volbella ™ should not be used by patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or allergic to any of the components used in this drug. Also, who has skins that tend to form keloid scars, deeply peel after laser re-surfacing and coagulation disorders.

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