Haircare ®

Product Name: HairCare ®

Strength: 10 x 5 ml

Manufacturer: RevitaCare ®
Origin: France

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Haircare ® Description

Haircare ® from Revitacare ® is a cocktail of natural non-toxic ingredients in effective concentration. And is the first product especially designed to treat most capillary problems.

Features of Haircare ®

First of all it is the revitalization of hair follicle, as the Haircare ® contains arginine, glutamine, glycine and ornithine, which are essential for cells proliferation. These nutrients strengthen the routine order to grow robust hair. The reinforcement and protection of the capillary fiber are the result of Cysteine and Zinc, two main components of keratin which make up the fiber. They are used to provide health and beauty to hair. The growth stimulation of your hair are the result of the B Group vitamins. They boost the renewal of follicle and have a part in hair growth production. Whereas, the nutrition and hydration of the scalp are resulted by  the hydrating property of Hyaluronic Acid. It nourishes and guards against the drying out of the tissues surrounding the follicle and consequently against the appearance of dandruff.

Benefits of Haircare ®

The benefits of the Haircare® are the following:

– Scalp is deeply hydrated

– Dandruff are durably eliminated

– Hair loss is slowed down

– Hair follicle is restructured, fortified, and regains softness and brightness

Quality of hair is improved from its roots to its tips. Specific Haircare® formulation aims to slow down hair loss and restructure hair fiber. This product is the ideal solution specifically developed for the treatment of the symptoms of various scalp and hair problems for both men and women.

How to Use Haircare ®

Revitacare ® Haircare ® should be used for treatment in case of

– Hair lose – hormonal and/or hereditary, or reactive related to stress, fatigue, pregnancy.
– Weakened and tired hair – lack of radiance, fibre dehydration, stunted growth.
– Oily hair, oily or dry dandruff.

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