Gold Thread ®

Product Name: Gold Thread ®

Strength: 1 procedure

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Origin: UK

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Gold Thread ® Description

Gold Thread ® medical technology is used in skin rejuvenation. Facial gold implantation for aesthetic purposes was used in ancient Egypt. The Gold Thread ® procedure was popularized in Europe in the late 1970-ies. The technique involves implantation of a thin gold filament into the sub dermal skin. The thinnest gold thread 0.1mm in diameter is inserted subdermally 3 – 5 mm with the special tool and is placed in the form of grid. The size of the tool is so small that does not leave considerable damages on the skin during thread insertion.

Migration of the thread is excluded since after being introduced into the skin, gold stimulates increases production of collagen and fibroblasts in response to the presence of a foreign substance. Collagen sleeves are formed around the implanted threads. New tissue formation is stimulated and increased metabolism and blood flow occurs in the treated areas, which results in skin rejuvenation. The thread can be applied for face correction including eyes, cheeks forehead and mouth; body correction including decollate, hands, abdominal zone, thighs and the zones with cellulite.  The procedure takes around 40 minutes for each zone. It is painless and does not require antibiotics and pain killers.

Benefits of Gold Thread ®

After Gold Thread ® implantation, the skin is rejuvenating in general which is characterized by increase of its elasticity and disappearance of wrinkles, as well as considerable reduction of deep wrinkles. Gold in itself has therapeutic effect and effectively impacts the process of skin renovation after procedure.  The effect after implantation is maintained for 8-10 years, the procedure does not have age restrictions. The procedure can be repeated every three-four years preventing future skin sagging.

Rehabilitation period

The procedure is minimally invasive. Immediately after the procedure the patient can return to the normal activities. Sometimes, small bruises in the zones of thread implantation are visible, which disappear within the week.

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