Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume

Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume

Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume

Product Name: Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume

Strength: 2 x 1 mL

Manufacturer: Filorga ®

Origin: France


Product ID. 2602 / SKU.2602

Filorga X-HA Volume ® Description

Filorga X-HA Volume ® is a highly effective polyvalent derma volumising filler which contains hyaluronic acid.  It is well-known, that hyaluronic acid is one of the constitutive macromolecules of the dermis where it is involved in repairing damage and a natural part of tissue repair in the body. To maintain a good hydration level in the dermis hyaluronic acid captures water molecules and provides a soft texture to the dermal support mattress. By acting on skin volumes and firmness it restores a smoother, plumped up looking face. In our days the hyaluronic acid in the dermis diminishes with the passing years and loses its qualities due to the influence of several factors such as sun exposure, hormonal and genetic factors, tobacco, stress, environment pollution. Consequently the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, wrinkles appear and multiply.

Filorga X-HA Volume ® hyaluronic filler eradicates wrinkles and improve the natural skin volume. This solution is a natural anti-ageing formula with long lasting results and a proved outstanding result for treating fine lines and wrinkles, correction of face contour, chin, temporal areas and lines to be confident in volume of the skin.

Features of Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume

Filorga ® dermal filler contains 23mg/ml of hyaluronic acid, cross-linked using BDDE compound, non-animal. It uses highly purified hyaluronic acid which is obtained through bio-fermentation with no animal origins and this results in perfect bio-compatibility.  In the box 2 pre-filled sterile 1ml syringes and 4 needles 27G can be found.

Benefits of Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume

It is perfect to restore skin volume and erase wrinkles mainly owing to its high viscosity. Scientific research has shown that the main component of Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume is also necessary for collagen production and is integral to the natural skin hydration process. Owing to dermal filler rejuvenation technologies smoothly restore the face’s youthful appearance and is ideal for providing a natural approach to anti-aging with long lasting results. Through a minimally invasive application this product provides an effective alternative to surgical procedures.

The hyaluronic acid gel Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume can be sculpted in the area of cheekbones to give them volume, reshape them and subsequently improve and redefine overall facial contours as well as an excellent result is obtained when applied to temples and chin. Consider this filler for lips, too: it redefines lips contours, restores their primary volume and gives them an additional natural curve.  The results are immediately noticeable with a very natural look respecting facial features and tonus restore.

How to Use Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume

The injection and therapy is applied by a certified specialist. Aesthetic results of Filorga ® X-HA ® Volume last from 12 to 18 months. Anyway it should be noted that the average duration of any product depends on such factors as patient’s skin type, health, injection area, age, patient lifestyle, etc.

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Please take into consideration that this information serves solely as a guide and reference. For more professional consultation please contact a specialist.

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