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Filorga ® NCTF 135 ®

Product Name: Filorga NCTF 135 ®

Strength: 5 x 3 ml

Manufacturer: Filorga ®
Origin: France

Product ID. 1945 / SKU.6089

Filorga NCTF 135 ® Description

If many of us had the opportunity to stop the hands of time, majority would at least to stop the process of aging. This is because as one advances in years, their skin begins to show the hallmarks of aging which are not always that attractive. You do not have to go to great extents to avoid this, however. This is because Filorga NCTF 135 ® contains a large number of components that are meant to help you in achieving that perfect skin tone and texture.

One of the things that make this dermal filler a desirable choice is the fact that it contains amino acids. These are the basic building blocks of skin cells and therefore, play a big role in the bio revitalization of such cells. In addition to this, the Filorga ® NCTF 135 ® has a high number of vitamins and minerals. These are without a doubt some of the most essential substances in the body. This is because they facilitate metabolic activities and thereby encouraging the formulation of new skin cells. These, in addition to the co-enzymes that it contains make this product a must-have for anyone seeking youthful and vigorous skin.

Features of Filorga ® NCTF 135 ®

Filorga ® NCTF 135 ® contains the stabilized hyaluronic acid for maximum impact and substances derived from natural products, which maintain the biological equilibrium in the skin. This dermal filler is most practical for people whose age is 30 years or beyond.

Benefits of Filorga ® NCTF 135 ®

What makes the NCTF 135 ® dermal filler such a hit is the fact that it offers users a swathe of benefits such as:

  • Stimulation of the production of collagen. This is a substance that is essential for the development of firm and healthy skin.
  • It is a great agent for curing disorders such as Trichology (the diffuse hair loss, hair loss in places) thereby returning the skin to its original healthy condition.
  • It is useful in treating certain skin problems like seborrhea and acne.
  • Combined therapy of atrophic scars.


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