Filorga ® M-HA 18 ®

Product Name: Filorga M-Ha 18 ®

Strength: 2 x 1 ml

Manufacturer: Filorga ®
Origin: France

Product ID. 1944 / SKU.1944

Filorga M-HA 18 ® Description

It is safe to say not even a single person in the world does not want to have flawless skin. Not all are able to meet this desire though, chiefly due to skin dehydration. However, you need not to fall into this category; at least if there is something, you can do about it. That something is taking advantage of Filorga M-HA 18 ®, which is a product that has been tailor-made with the sole intention of assisting people gets the kind of skin even gods would kill for.

One of the most important components that are contained in it is hyaluronic acid dermal filler, which is meant to eliminate all the wrinkles on the skin. This is complemented by about 1.8% of hyaluronic acid that plays a big role in re-hydrating he skin and making it glow as it should. In addition to this, dermal filler M-HA 18 ® contains a substantial amount of glycerol that makes the skin burst with goodness and ooze with health.

Features of Filorga ® M-HA 18 ®

  • Hyaluronic acid: 23 mg / ml
  • Production Method: bio-fermentation
  • Substance seams: BDDE
  • The degree of crosslinking: ++++
  • 3 to 4 treatments are recommended at 4 week intervals for maximum effect


Benefits of Filorga ® M-HA 18 ®

It prevents the formation of surface wrinkles all over the face, leads to an improved color and skin tone and promotes shiny skin. Also, this dermal filler guarantees skin bioreinforcement thereby making it firm, fills up superficial wrinkles and increases the elasticity and tonicity of the skin, and saturates the skin with moisture thereby making it soft and supple.

Side Effects of Filorga ® M-HA 18 ®

Some common temporary and mild side-effects from treatments include swelling, redness and bruising at the injection site.

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