EuroSilicone ® ES 80

EuroSilicone ® ES 80

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EuroSilicone ® ES 80

Product Name: EuroSilicone ® ES 80

Fill Volume: 100 cc – 500 cc

Diameter: 9.6 cm – 15.3 cm

Projection: 2.0 cm – 3.8 cm

Manufacturer: EuroSilicone ®

Origin: France

Product ID. 3730 / SKU.3730

EuroSilicone ES 80 ® Description

EuroSilicone ES 80 ® is produced by EuroSilicone ® company – the main manufacturer of breast implants and tissue expanders since 1987. All breast implants by EuroSilicone ® are CE marked, Class III medical devices and meet the requirements of European Medical device directive (93/42/EEC). Breast Augmentation is an aesthetic surgical procedure to increase the size and alter the shape of breasts using breast implants. It is aimed at enhancing the body contour of a woman who feels her breasts are too small, correcting a reduction in breast volume following pregnancy and balancing a difference in breast volume.

Features of EuroSilicone ® ES 80

The Round Collection ® is characterized by Soft Cohesive Design Microtextured Shell. Soft Cohesive Gel  forms stable cohesive silicone gel  which eases manipulation and insertion. Paragel 360° Barrier Layer ® for minimizing gel diffusion. Cristalline ® Microtextured is intended to favour tissue adherence and reduce the incidence of capsular contracture. ES 80 is characterized by low profile.

Filler Choice

The filler of the breast implant is very important – silicone gel filled breast implants are soft and natural.  Silicone is a man-made polymer containing chains of Silicon-Oxygen-Carbon compounds. Gel filled breast implants offer three different consistencies – soft cohesive gel, natural cohesive gel and very cohesive gel. The implants exist in two different shapes: round and anatomical. EuroSilicone ® breast implants are available in various heights, profiles and projections with a smooth or textured surface. The textured layer is aimed to reduce the risk of capsular contraction. The height of the implants is refers to the size and shape of the implants while the profile and projection refers to how far the implant sits from the body.

Placement of Implant

Two very important parameters define the choice of implants: the location of the incision and the placement of the implant. The thickness of subcutaneous tissue plays an important role here. There are two approaches of placement – sub-glandular and sub-muscular: the first allows for less discomfort and the second less interference with mammographic examination of the breasts.  The incision will determine the place of scar on your body – periareolar, sub-mammary or transaxillary.


The procedure lasts 1 to 2 hours depending on the case. It is performed under general anesthetic. Potential complications can include deflation/rupture, capsular contracture, pain, infection, hematoma/seroma, changes in nipples/breast sensation, calcium deposits, necrosis, extrusion, breast tissue atrophy.

EuroSilicone ES 80 Low Profile

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