Aptos ® Wire 3 (AW3)

Product Name: Wire 3

Packaging: Thread – MR 2 USP 3/0, 40 cm – 1 pc., Needle 90 mm, d – 0.8 mm – 1 pc.

Manufacturer: Aptos ®

Origin: RF

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Aptos Wire 3 ® Description

Thread lift is an elevation of various face parts with special threads. The title Aptos ® is combined from two parts – a (negation) and ptosis, which translated from Latin means abasement, descent. The procedure where  Aptos Wire 3 ® threads are used means literally «against descent». After lift, from 1 to 3 months, at the place of insignificant injury of connective tissue, new tissue with clear contours is formed. The main types of threads used are: free floating cogged or barbed threads which should not be suspended in order to hold the lift and smooth or suspension threads which should be anchored to a stable structure of the face or scalp.

Features of Aptos ® Wire 3

Aptos ® Wire 3 is applied mainly to eliminate deep winkles on face and neck, treatment of atrophic and retracted scars, as well as for “smoothing out” subdermal tissues when having cellulitis or unsuccessful liposuction. By means of special Wire Scalpel it is possible, without skin cuts, cut down mid dermal ligaments creating the wrinkle and eliminate it. It takes 5 minutes to eliminate one wrinkle. Rehabilitation period is very short and the result is visible during the first days after procedure: deep wrinkles and lines are smoothed out while the form and natural face features are left unchanged.  This method is used for correcting folds, wrinkles and inverted scars, glabella folds, smile lines.


The procedure is performed without cuts, through punctures. With the help of a needle thread is injected subcutaneously, bordering contour irregularities, then soft tissues laminate with sawing movements, removing the connection of skin and underlying tissues and thereby correcting irregularities. The method can be used in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

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