Aptos ® Needle 4

Product Name: Needle 4

Packaging: Polypropylene MR 1,5 USP 4/0, 60 cm – 1 piece, double-edged curved needle 60 mm, d -. 1,2 mm – 1 pc.

Manufacturer: Aptos ®

Origin: RF

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Aptos Needle 4 ® Description

The title Aptos ® is combined from two parts – a (negation) and ptosis, which translated from Latin means abasement, descent. The procedure where  Aptos Needle 4 ® threads are used means literally «against descent». After lift, from 1 to 3 months, at the place of insignificant injury of connective tissue, new tissue with clear contours is formed. The main types of threads used are: free floating cogged or barbed threads which should not be suspended in order to hold the lift and smooth or suspension threads which should be anchored to a stable structure of the face or scalp.

Features of Aptos ® Needle 4

Aptos ® Needle 4 allows subdermally sewing across soft tissues without bringing retention suture on the skin surface. This method can be also used in classic plastic and aesthetic surgery. Method Aptos ® Needle 4 is used for correction of chin and plump it. As well it is used for purse-string suturing of the midface through skin cuts that does not exceed 2-3mm and in combination with blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids.

Benefits of Aptos ® Needle 4

Lifting with Aptos ® threads is a real facelift which presupposes movement of tissues to new position. During this procedure, bio-compatible threads made from polypropylene are placed into the soft tissues of the face through small (2-3mm) cuts. Microscopic notches (a kind of anchors) are throughout these threads which help to move the skin and then fix it in necessary position.  Depending on the case, two kinds of threads could be used – Aptos ® Thread and Aptos ® Needle.

Aptos ® Needle is a monofilament thread which allows working with more heavy tissues, however, it is necessary to make more noticeable (up to 1 sm) incisions. Facelift with these threads was conducted with local anesthesia and takes around 1-1.5 hours. The initial result is visible immediately after the procedure, and the final result can be assessed in 2-3 weeks. During that period the patient should avoid active expression and masticatory movements.  Effect is maintained for 2-3 years.

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