Aptos ® Nano Vitis 7 (NV7)

Aptos ® Nano Vitis 7 (NV7)

Aptos ® Nano Vitis 7 (NV7)

Product Name: Nano Vitis 7

Packaging: Caprolac MR 1,5 USP 7/0, 7 cm – 10 pcs needle straight 130 mm, d -. 0,8 mm – 10 pcs.

Manufacturer: Aptos ®

Origin: RF

Product ID. 4629 / SKU.4629

Aptos Nano Vitis 7 ® Description

Aptos Nano Vitis 7 ® thread lift is an elevation of various face parts with special threads. The title Aptos ® is combined from two parts – a (negation) and ptosis, which translated from Latin means abasement, descent. The procedure where Aptos ® threads are used means literally «against descent». After lift, from 1 to 3 months, at the place of insignificant injury of connective tissue, new tissue with clear contours is formed. The main types of threads used are: free floating cogged or barbed threads which should not be suspended in order to hold the lift and smooth or suspension threads which should be anchored to a stable structure of the face or scalp.

Features of Aptos ® Nano Vitis 7

Aptos ® Nano smoothes out any wrinkle on any, even the thinnest skin. This is the most delicate of the minimally invasive methods of Aptos ®. At the same time it is very simple and effective. Nano threads are made of caprolac – absorbable material which is completely excreted from the body during the year. L-lactic acid initiates rejuvenation of the tissues at the cell level. Aptos ® Nano threads have special form, unsmooth prominent structure, and they are 2,5 times thinner than the usual threads. The threads create supporting structure under the skin, resorption structure is the same at all points of the treated zone. Aptos ® Nano is a system consisting from thin injection guide needle and ultra-thin thread. The interference does not leave traces, pinholes on the skin disappear very quickly.

Benefits of Aptos ® Nano Vitis 7

Aptos ® Nano Vitis 7 resolve twisted bi—fiber for revitalizing. These threads are designed for inter brow wrinkles, inter brow folds, marionette lines, forehead wrinkles, Crow’s feet, superior eyelid area, inferior eyelid area, rhytids around ears, neck rhytids, mental area, decolletage area, hands.

How to Use Aptos ® Nano Vitis 7

Two twisted resolving fibers are put into the thin needle. After being installed under skin the fibers begin to untwist, because of what the structure expands. Pushing skin from inside helps the wrinkles to smooth out. Moreover, the fibers form light and flexible frame, which gives the tissues more elasticity.

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