Aptos ® Nano Spring 4

Product Name: Nano Spring 4

Packaging: Caprolac MR 1,5 USP 4/0, 4 cm – 10 pcs needle straight 50 mm, d -. 0,8 mm – 10 pcs.

Manufacturer: Aptos ®

Origin: RF

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Aptos Nano Spring 4 ® Description

In contrast to the full-fledged plastic surgery «face lifting – classic» with its essential attributes: deep surgery interference, ablation and long rehabilitation period, maximally sparing procedure of thread skin lift – Aptos Nano Spring 4 ® thread lift is an elevation of various face parts with special threads. The title Aptos ® is combined from two parts – a (negation) and ptosis, which translated from Latin means abasement, descent. The procedure where Aptos ® threads are used means literally «against descent». After lift, from 1 to 3 months, at the place of insignificant injury of connective tissue, new tissue with clear contours is formed. The main types of threads used are: free floating cogged or barbed threads which should not be suspended in order to hold the lift and smooth or suspension threads which should be anchored to a stable structure of the face or scalp.

Features of Aptos ® Nano Spring 4

Aptos ® Nano smoothes out any wrinkle on any, even the thinnest skin. This is the most delicate of the minimally invasive methods of Aptos ®. At the same time it is very simple and effective. Nano threads are made of caprolac – absorbable material which is completely excreted from the body during the year. L-lactic acid initiates rejuvenation of the tissues at the cell level. Aptos ® Nano threads have special form, unsmooth prominent structure, and they are 2,5 times thinner than the usual threads.

Like other Aptos ® products, they are biologically 100% compatible with body tissues; do not provoke allergies and rejection. The threads create supporting structure under the skin, resorption structure is the same at all points of the treated zone. Aptos ® Nano is a system consisting from thin injection guide needle and ultrathin thread. The interference does not leave traces, pinholes on the skin disappear very quickly.

How to Use Aptos ® Nano Spring 4

From the place of injection needle with a thread is led to the desired point, thread is fixed, pressing the tip of a finger of the needle, and then the empty needle is returned, making a needle 1-2 turns counterclockwise.

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