Aptos ® Excellence Visage

Aptos ® Excellence Visage

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Aptos ® Excellence Visage

Product Name: Excellence Visage

Packaging: Cannula 0.9 × 150 mm (10 pcs.); Needle 1.2 × 40 mm; Caprolac thread with barbs EP 3 – USP 2/0.

Manufacturer: Aptos ®

Origin: RF

Product ID. 4514 / SKU.4514

Aptos Excellence Visage ® Description

The procedure where Aptos Excellence Visage ® threads are used means literally «against descent». After lift, from 1 to 3 months, at the place of insignificant injury of connective tissue, new tissue with clear contours is formed. The main types of threads used are: free floating cogged or barbed threads which should not be suspended in order to hold the lift and smooth or suspension threads which should be anchored to a stable structure of the face or scalp.

Features of Aptos ® Excellence Visage

Aptos ® Excellence Visage is used for reinforcing and lifting of face soft tissues on short zones. The needle has special configuration of notches opposite one another. Each subsequent notch is directed the other way round the previous one which ensures safe thread fixation in the subcutaneous fat. The method is a new word in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. Thanks to non-invasive cannula, rehabilitation period is minimal. The correction zones are eyebrow area, midface, mental and submental region, neck.

Benefits of Aptos ® Excellence Visage

Aptos ® Excellence is revolutionary method of face and body lifting and reinforcing with Aptos ® dissolving threads which are derived from the body within 360 days. L-lactic acid is in the thread composition. It ensures additional rejuvenating effect due to stimulation of natural revitalization of tissues and slow process of aging. Body and face zones with insignificant quantity of subcutaneous fat are delicate zones and require correction in relatively early age. Thanks to its improved structure Aptos ® Excellence thread are ideal for achieving pronounced effect in this case. The width and angle of notches were changes and that was the reason of higher strength necessary for 3D-reinforcement.  Excellence products are developed by more than 20 leading experts of aesthetic medicine. The process of Excellence development considered national types of appearance – Asian, European, etc – each of them having its own features of age changes.

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